Parking Lot Lighting Repair

Repairing parking lot lights is a specialty of LGE. The first time we work on your property we will number each pole light and pole fixture all for no cost. This lets us create a warranty spreadsheet unique to your property. We can now more accurately keep track of what lights were repaired and what warranty comes with that certain repair.

LGE is your parking lot lighting experts, we have the experience to trouble-shoot the most complicated wiring or just simply replace lamps and ballast in your lights. Our monthly, quarterly and bi-annually service programs gives you a few options of how you want your service, we know how important it is for you to stay within budget. 

Don’t let these contractors over charge you by renting bucket trucks or lifts, our fleet is complete with 3- 42’ bucket trucks, 2-60’ bucket trucks, and 2 service vans. LGE has bucket trucks available every day running service calls and are ready for your on-demand service needs.  

Contact us today at 817-800-0313 or email us to find out how we can help you.