Night Surveys

LGE does night surveys at the first of each month. This means we drive to the properties of your choice, mark down which lights do not work, and turn it into you. If you have a site plan of your property we will create a lighting schematic off of it just like the one here in the picture.

Once we perform the survey, the next business day we will email you what we found with an estimate to make the repairs. We do this for free. This service is no obligation, if you don’t feel the repair are necessary, then you don not have to have them repaired. We will just simple survey the property again in the future for you until you think it is time to fix the lights. This service not only keeps you up-to-date on your properties, but it also helps us both know the troubled areas that need to have more attention than other. If you want a few properties looked at, then give us a call and we will add you to the list for this month. 

Contact us today at 817-800-0313 or email us to find out how we can help you.