Lighting Retro-Fits

Retro-fitting your lights is one of the best ways to save money on your energy bills. LGE will offer you ways to convert your lights to longer lasting and more energy efficient lighting such as LED and compact fluorescent solutions for canopy lights and wall packs. In most cases this can lower your energy usage by 50-70% and still have the same light output.

Your interior lights can be retro-fitted from T/12 to T/8 or even T/8 to T/5 or LED. Your office building will be much more efficient and this will help your LEED certifications. LGE has all of your answers for this long term investment.

Parking lot lighting can be replaced by LED (15 -1000 watt metal halide light equivalent). Parking lot and buildling lighting can be controlled to active and deactivate or dimmed at specific times of night to save energy while not being used.  

LGE only deals with the best manufacturers and supplier and has the ability to get you the lowest price on these items. Most retro-fit jobs pay for themselves in a matter of a couple of years. 

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