Auto Dealerships

LG Electric & Lighting understands the needs of auto dealerships, therefore we offer tailor-made designed services for you. 

  • LGE offers warranties on all work that we preform.  We understand how expensive lamps and ballast can be, therefore we extend the warranty that we receive from the manufacturer to you.  1 year warranty on any light fixture that lamp and ballast were replaced in and 2 year warranty on all labor.
  • We will create spreadsheets so that you know what lights are under warranty and for how long. The first time we service your lot we will number each light on site. This let us create a unique spreadsheet for your lot.  Now we will know what lights have been worked on and what warranty comes with that repair.
  • LG Electric & Lighting specializes in saving you money on your energy bill by only keeping the necessary lights on throughout the night. We work with different control companies or we can set you up the old fashion way. We also have many retro-fit solutions for your parking lot and shop lighting, in most cases we are able to cut you power bill by 40%.
  • LGE offers monthly service to come around and repair any lights that don’t work, and will also provide free monthly surveys, to let you know if repairs are even needed. This is like being under contract, with out the contract.
  • LGE has the best rates in Dallas / Ft.Worth, since we have found way to keep our overhead so low, we are able to have labor and material rates up to 10% less than our competition. This helps your bottom line, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Charging Stations for Your New Product

 With all the electric cars coming on to the market, auto dealerships need a way to charge them up.  Well don’t let big contractors fool you into thinking it is more expensive than it has to be. We work with many different manufacturers and are able to get the best pricing. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.